What is a Legionella Risk Assessment and Why is it Important?

A Legionella risk assessment the first step in Legionella control on a site and is exactly that – an assessment of the Legionella risks associated with a water system. It is an important part of water treatment practise as many legionella outbreaks have been the result of poor water system management. A risk assessment also outlines protocol which should reduce said risks. Having a risk assessment also helps firms ensure that they are compliant with ACoP L8 standards.

A risk assessment should include the following:

  • The Inspection of all tanks to ensure they are compliant with all relevant legislation
  • The Inspection of water heaters and calorifiers to ensure they comply with all relevant legislation
  • The Inspection of water distribution systems to ensure they comply with all relevant legislation
  • Temperatures to be taken from around the site to ensure they are not at a level to promote the growth of bacteria
  • The production of an Asset register
  • Digital photographs of the main pieces of the plants water system
  • Schematics of all main pieces of a plant’s system
  • A Responsibility Structure so that all involved know the level of responsibility they have for the up keep and maintenance of the water system including chemical treatment
  • Recommendations that include the remedial work that is required to bring the system within the guidelines as set out in the ACOP L8 document
  • Process waters can be included if requested
  • A Log Book should be produced for regular monitoring and as a record.

The above would produce recommendations for a site that would ensure they comply with all relevant legislation including the Approved Code of Practice L8 & the Water Supply Regulations.


About what is water treatment

Since being established in 1977, B & V Water Treatment has grown to be one of the largest independent water treatment companies in the country. We offer a high service in all areas of water treatment, such as preventing hard water scale, corrosion, Legionella control and microbiological fouling of cooling towers and closed systems. We also treat boilers of all sizes for scale, corrosion and fouling. We manufacture a wide variety of chemicals for all water treatment processes and we are continually researching and developing new products to add to our extensive range.
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