Every company in the world has water running through the building – whether this is for the radiators (known to us as a closed system), showers and taps (known to us as a domestic system), boilers or cooling towers (don’t worry – more on all of these to come!). Where there is water there is the potential for scale (think about your kettle at home), corrosion of metal pipework and, put simply, bugs – with Legionella being potentially the most problematic.

The potential for growth of Legionella bacteria is the main reason that every company in the UK has the responsibility to carry out water treatment in some form. Legionella is a bacteria that grows best in water with temperatures between 20 – 45°C. Legionella is a rare but dangerous bacteria and can lead to Legionnaires Disease – a sometimes fatal form of pneumonia (to read more about Legionella and Legionnaires Disease visit the ‘Legionella’ tab at the top of the page).

Aside from protecting employees and members of the public from Legionnaires disease, applying water treatment processes to a site can be extremely beneficial and can save a lot of time and money associated with equipment down time and replacement. For example, if water in a heating system runs through pipes in a ceiling with no chemicals added to prevent corrosion, the water will eventually corrode through the pipework. Not only is that pipework going to be expensive to replace, it is also another hazard for employees or members of the public – if the water in question is hot (going from a boiler, for example) there could be some sore heads on site!

What we’ve just described to you is a very basic explanation of why water treatment is vital to a company. There are many more reasons and plenty more terms to be explained – so keep visiting to learn more! Feel free to comment with any questions you may have, we’ll be happy to answer them.


About what is water treatment

Since being established in 1977, B & V Water Treatment has grown to be one of the largest independent water treatment companies in the country. We offer a high service in all areas of water treatment, such as preventing hard water scale, corrosion, Legionella control and microbiological fouling of cooling towers and closed systems. We also treat boilers of all sizes for scale, corrosion and fouling. We manufacture a wide variety of chemicals for all water treatment processes and we are continually researching and developing new products to add to our extensive range.
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